STJ Research Contributions Summer 2020

Front Lines Aflame: Crop Fires Ravage Syria’s Jazirah Region, Scorching Fields and Destroying Harvests

Syrians for Truth and Justice, 24 August 2020.

-Investigated reports and open sourced information relating to crop fires along the frontlines of Tel Tamer, researched information relating to grain harvesting in northeastern Syria, and wrote the majority of this report, integrating work conducted by the PAX for Peace team and testimonies collected by STJ’s field researchers.

Afrin: How Eight Women were Forcibly Disappeared by the Hamza Division?

Syrians for Truth and Justice, 3 August 2020.

-Analyzed open sourced materials relating to the 28 May 2020 clashes in Afrin, as well as previous reports on the women kidnapped and detained by Furqat al-Hamza

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