SNA mercenaries in Azerbaijan: the Visual Evidence

Bu metin Dünyadan Çeviri tarafından Türkçeye çevrilmiştir. In late September 2020, unconfirmed reports began to circulate on social media alleging that members of the Syrian National Army (SNA), Turkey’s proxy forces in northern Syria, had been sent to Azerbaijan. Initially, as there was no definitive evidence and there appeared little reason for Turkey to sendContinue reading “SNA mercenaries in Azerbaijan: the Visual Evidence”

STJ Research Contributions Summer 2020

Front Lines Aflame: Crop Fires Ravage Syria’s Jazirah Region, Scorching Fields and Destroying Harvests Syrians for Truth and Justice, 24 August 2020. -Investigated reports and open sourced information relating to crop fires along the frontlines of Tel Tamer, researched information relating to grain harvesting in northeastern Syria, and wrote the majority of this report, integratingContinue reading “STJ Research Contributions Summer 2020”

STJ Research Contributions: The Looting of Northeastern Syria’s Grain Silos by Turkish-Backed Forces

An investigation I help conduct at STJ, looking into allegations of Turkish-backed militants plundering grain silos across Northeastern Syria, and reselling the stocks for profit…

STJ/al-Monitor Research Contributions Spring 2020

A number of projects I contributed to, as well as some research work of my own, covering the destruction of PKK cemeteries in Turkey by the state, marketplaces in Idlib targeted by Russian and Syrian aircraft, the history of Afrin’s Alevi community, and more…

The Militarization of Jebel Laylun: Turkish Fortifications in Eastern Afrin

originally published on In an article published on 16 April 2019, Rojava based Hawar News Agency reported on what it called a ‘separation wall’ being constructed along the eastern stretch of the Afrin district. This story was soon picked up by a number of local outlets and activist networks, sparking protests by native inhabitantsContinue reading “The Militarization of Jebel Laylun: Turkish Fortifications in Eastern Afrin”

STJ Research Contributions Early 2020

Three reports published by Syrians for Truth and Justice I contributed to, covering the murder of AANES Health Authority employees, the bombing of marketplaces in Idlib by Russian and Syrian aircraft, and a look into video allegedly showing civilians killed by Turkish-backed forces…

Ahrar al-Sharqiyah: Additional Information on the Faction and its Founder

Over the course of our investigation into the murder of Kurdish politician Hevrin Khalaf, colleagues of mine at Syrians for Truth and Justice uncovered some interesting details regarding Turkish-backed opposition faction Tajammu‘ Ahrar al-Sharqiyah and its commander…