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Syria: New Visual Evidence of Bulldozing the ‘Ali Dada’ Historic Shrine in Afrin, September 10, 2019 Syria: Turkish Attacks on Civilian Objects in Al-Malikiyah Suburbs, October 31, 2019 Ras al-Ayen: The Conflict over the “Gate to Syrian Jazira” on its Seventh Anniversary, November 7, 2019

Afrin: Incidents Of Desecration And Destruction Of Cultural Sites

originally published on Soon after the inception of Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch in January of 2018, reports began trickling out of Syria’s Afrin district detailing the desecration or destruction of numerous cultural sites in the region. Just two days into the operation, airstrikes inflicted significant damage on Ain Dara, a “Neo-Hittite temple…built by the Arameans inContinue reading “Afrin: Incidents Of Desecration And Destruction Of Cultural Sites”

Olive Branch Military Outpost Built Atop Afrin Cemetery

originally published on Since the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and allied Syrian Arab and Turkmen militias concluded “Operation Olive Branch” in Syria in late March of 2018, allegations of human rights abuses have widely circulated on social media. Among these charges is the destruction of graveyards and accompanying shrines throughout Afrin. Videos and photographsContinue reading “Olive Branch Military Outpost Built Atop Afrin Cemetery”